Tiny Key Fob Mobiles Popular With Criminals Due to Easy... Insertion

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new wave of cheap and ultra-mini mobile phones are apparently among the must-have gadgets in our prisons, as the mostly-plastic devices don't show up on x-rays and are easy to hide about your... person.

The inference clearly being that prisoners can stuff these tiny phones up their arses to sneak them in and evade discovery, then have a whale of a time texting mates and family from inside their cells. What you gain in ease of insertion you lose in modern mobile features, though, as these tiny key fob phones are 2G models sold without touchscreens, so there won't be any Angry Birds action or iPlayer streaming while inside.

If you have a need for an easy-to-hide mobile that looks like it might be a car key fob and has rounded edges so it won't hurt too much on the way in, they cost around the £40 mark and can be had on eBay under search terms like "world's smallest mobile." [Telegraph]