Tube Passengers Terrified by Smoke Try to Break Their Way Out of Stricken Train

By Gary Cutlack on at

A horrifying video shows the moment London Underground passengers tried to force the doors open on a tube train, as the smell of smoke filled the carriages and a wave of panicked claustrophobia hit the people packed inside.

The YouTube clip's description reads like a particularly grim report, saying: "People desperate to get out of the train. It's a central line at Holland Park. Train is partially in the tunnel. Fire can be smelled in the air. The doors refused to open. Station was being evacuated."

Tube bosses say the panic was triggered because the brakes on the train locked, generating the smoke. And the doors couldn't be opened because the train wasn't completely inside the station, leading to the worry that passengers might jump onto live rails.

A passenger is quoted by the Mirror as saying: "I was on the train and honestly was frightened for my life. The doors weren't being opened, everyone was trying to smash windows, panicking and frightened."

But in the end everyone escaped with their lives and walked away with a good anecdote. [Mirror]