Tweetdeck Just Got a Little Bit Prettier

By Eric Limer on at

Tweetdeck's got a gift for you this afternoon. No, unfortunately it's not fixed notifications, but it's still a step in the right direction. Meet the new, prettier tweet panel. It makes firing off 140-char screeds a little more pleasant.

Instead of the old, gross white box that would pop up in the middle of your screen, the tweet panel extends from the left-hand side as its own little column, and incorporates all your options vertically. All the same functionality is there — multiple account icons, scheduling, direct messages — but now pulling up the tweet interface doesn't plop a giant ugly box right on top of all the action.

There are a couple little functional updates. Uploaded images now have a thumbnail, for instance, and responding to multiple users is automatic. But mostly the changes are aesthetic, with a little added convenience on the side. The updates are slowly rolling out to web and Chrome versions today, with the oft-neglected Windows and Mac apps to follow. Surprise surprise.

Tweetdeck Just Got a Little Bit Prettier

But hey, at least Twitter's still updating the one (Twitter-owned) alternative to vanilla web Twitter after shooting third party apps in the back. At least for now, anyway. [Twitter]