UK Sci-Fi Classic Blake's 7 Plots Comeback on Xbox Live

By Gary Cutlack on at

Avon, Blake, Servalan and the rest of the Blake's 7 crew may be about to return, with rumours claiming Microsoft is bankrolling a re-imagined version of the sci-fi epic for exclusive distribution on Xbox Live.

According to the FT today, Microsoft has agreed to pay for development and initial production of a remake of the 1970s BBC cult hit, although it has stopped short of offering up the money to pay for an entire series.

Incidentally, Blake's 7 is still sort of being made. Independent production company B7 Media regularly gets old cast members together (even Blake) to record new audio plays, which are then bundled up and sold. Some even air on Radio 4 at weird times of the day. And Paul 'Avon' Darrow was in Hollyoaks for a bit. We'll stop now. [FT]