Vodafone and O2 Lining up Simultaneous 4G Launch Clash

By Gary Cutlack on at

Reports claim Vodafone and O2 will both launch their UK 4G networks in the same week later this month, with Vodafone also said to be planning a phone buyback scheme to tempt those locked into existing contracts to switch.

According to The Times, the buyback scheme will let those with incompatible older models trade up for something that works with Vodafone's specific 4G frequencies, and is aimed particularly at iPhone 5 owners who wouldn't be able to whack a Vodafone SIM into their current models due to the Apple phone's current hardware set-up.

O2's launching its 4G network in London, Leeds and Bradford at the end of August, with its tariffs starting at £26 a month. The Times says Vodafone should go public with its own 4G launch plans some time this week. [The Times via Techradar]