Vodafone UK CEO: "There's Not a Need For Unlimited in My View"

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like our dreams of blazing-fast unlimited 4G have been dashed yet again. EE's not offering unlimited data plans, neither is O2, and Vodafone's UK CEO has come out and said he doesn't even think they're needed. Three, you're our only hope.

Talking to TechRadar, Guy Laurence, Vodafone's UK CEO, said that although the network is offering unlimited LTE data for the first three months, something it's done in the past on 3G plans, there's no case for unlimited 4G data.

"There's not a need for unlimited in my view. We won't be going unlimited in the near future. In fact I'm not sure it will go unlimited at all"

That's quite saddening to hear, honestly, but where Laurence says there's "not a need", what he's really saying is that it's not financially viable, or that the current mobile climate means that Vodafone doesn't need to offer unlimited data to compete with the other networks.

Of course, that could change with Three's unlimited plans and its promise not to bill 4G as anything different from the rest of its "ultrafast" 3G network. But I have a feeling unlimited data is going to go out the window with 4G, as Three's current plans for LTE certainly aren't to hurry and launch a whole new network. [TechRadar]