What Do London Tube Stations Taste Like?

By Sam Gibbs on at

James Wannerton has synaesthesia, a neurological condition that mixes up your senses in the brain, which means he can taste what he sees. Now he's put that incredible power to good use to tell us what each Tube stop tastes like, having spent 49 years visiting each one on the London Underground. In what's probably the weirdest Tube map spin-off ever, Wimbledon is apparently like jelly, whereas Mile End tastes like fingernails. Yuck.

Having grown up in London, Wannerton first discovered each Tube station created a unique and distinctive taste sensation when he was just four as he travelled to and from school. Since then he's been keeping meticulous notes on each one as he passes through, and even started making special trips to the city after moving out to Blackpool just to complete his "taste" map.

All sorts of weird flavours pop up, some resembling the stations while others are just bizarre. For instance, Edgware Road apparently tastes like a sausage sandwich, and I can totally see that, but how Royal Oak tastes like Bic biro ink, I have no idea. In fact, how does he even know what specifically Bic biro ink tastes like?

Anyway, the taste map is hilarious. I'm definitely printing this thing and putting it on my kitchen wall. What does your favourite station taste like, and do you agree? Just don't go licking the signs OK? [Telegraph]

Image credit: James Wannerton/TfL

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