Which Keyboard Do You Use on Your Android?

By Sam Gibbs on at

One of the best things about Android is the fact that you're not stuck with whatever keyboard your phone manufacturer decides to give you. You've got a whole load of options, and now that SwiftKey 4.2 is officially out of beta and packing a cloud-syncing service for your personal language profile, it's time to ask what's the best keyboard on Android at the moment.

Personally, I use Swype. I don't actually do any swiping on it, as I'm a dual-thumb typer, but I do use the copy and paste gestures, which have seriously sped-up my typing. I use Swype because, up until now, it's been about the only cloud-syncing good keyboard out there, which means I get the same personalised typing experience on every Android device I use -- that saves me a load of hassle with custom words and my commonly mistyped corrections.

Now SwiftKey's got essentially the same system, it's time to try it again, see if it's any better. Our own Chris Mills swears by SwiftKey, so you've got two Giz UKers in two different camps right now.

Of course, Google's also got its stock Android keyboard, which is very good, and has recently released it as an app for all Android phones. It's free, which is great, but it hasn't got any personalisation syncing features right now. Mind you, if you've only got one Android device, who cares about syncing? HTC's latest Sense UI keyboard is actually quite good too, although not nearly as good as Google's stock keyboard. In fact, the only keyboard I can't stand right now on Android is the Samsung TouchWiz one, but maybe that's just me.

To celebrate the launch of SwiftKey Cloud, the app is currently half price at £1.49 (or will be when the app propagates to all Play Store regions, so if you're not satisfied with the Google keyboard, now might be the time to check it out.