What OS X Would Look Like If Jony Ive Had an iOS 7-Inspired Stab At It

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's true iOS 7 hasn't even been shipped to the public yet, but we've seen almost everything about it already, and it's radically different in design aesthetic from anything Apple's done before. It's Jony Ive's creation, and it's certainly colourful. But what if Apple let Sir Ive loose on OS X as well? This is probably what it would look like.

These stunning design concepts are the work of Stu Crew, who tried to imagine OS X through an iOS 7 lens. While I quite like OS X the way it is now -- it's my preferred operating system currently -- these colourful concepts certainly would make my screen a lot more vibrant and ultra-modern. I particularly like the calculator for some reason; it really makes me want to start punching in some numbers.

Check out the whole lot at Stu Crew's design blog. [OS X Ivericks Concept via 9to5Mac]