Which Are the Best and Worst Airports In Britain?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Despite being 40 miles outside of London, apparently the best airport in Britain is "London" Southend, whereas Luton airport is the worst, and Heathrow doesn't fair well either. Aren't all airports hateful places?

A study by Which? Magazine, which quizzed 11,500 passengers about their journeys through the UK's 35 (!) airports, came to some interesting conclusions. Southend came out on top because 84 per cent of passengers loved it, with fast check-ins and speedy arrivals, as well as good security checks, small passport queues, and great general information and design. In fact, apparently Southend is the place to fly from.

Unfortunately, Luton on the other hand isn't, despite being the UK's fifth busiest airport, which might explain why the queues for everything are so bad, plus it's apparently "dark and gloomy" on the inside. Nice. Heathrow Terminals 1 and 3 didn't fair so well in the survey either, with scores only just above Luton. My experience of Heathrow certainly reflects that.

Apparently Humberside and Robin Hood -- Doncaster Sheffield airports are pretty good too, if you can get a flight to anywhere from them.

The trouble is with all these ratings etc, it's not often you actually get a choice from where you fly. You book a flight, and normally have to accept it takes off from Gatwick or wherever. Only in a small number of cases can you pick which airport, and then it seems to only ever be Gatwick, Heathrow or Stansted, at least in my experience.

What does everyone else think? Do you get a choice of airports when you fly, and which ones are the best, in your experience? [Which? Magazine]

Image credit: Come Fly With Me -- BBC