Who Knew the UK Had the Most Wi-Fi Hotspots?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently Britain is lit-up like a Wi-Fi-packing Christmas tree. In fact, we have more hotspots per square mile of street than any other European nation. And one-in-four of 'em are free, apparently.

The data, which puts the UK behind the US in terms of free hotspots, comes from Wi-Fi-slurp provider DeviceScape, whose app lets users skip any pesky landing pages when connecting to freespots. In the US, one-third of hotspots are free, whereas we're rocking some 24 per cent free waves, and Europe rolls in with a lowly 16 per cent free.

The thing is, I can never find a damn, decent, free hotspot when I need one, and even if I can, it's normally called something dodgy, just waiting for me to put a password into something. I like my logins to stay private, thank you very much.

Do we really care about Wi-Fi hotspots now we've got 4G in the UK? I know O2 does, but do the rest of us? Who routinely uses a Wi-Fi hotspot while out and about? [The Register]

Image credit: NASA