Would You Take the Mrs to Dinner in a Tesco?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco's about to open its revamped Watford hypermarket, which will see the supermarket giant try to "posh up" its image by adding a restaurant, nail bar, bakery and coffee shop to the space. It wants Tesco to become a fun destination, rather then where you go to miserably buy discounted cheese and margarines that aren't anything like butter. Are you in?

It won't be a Tesco-branded restaurant, fortunately, with the eatery coming under the Giraffe name -- a separate chain bought by Tesco earlier this year. And the coffee will come in Harris and Hoole cups, another name brought in to jazz up the Tesco experience a little. Posh bread and cakes will be provided by Euphorium for those for whom Tesco bread isn't cool enough to be seen with, plus there's a community space for local groups to use.

Other Tesco warehouse internal revamps will soon add soft-play areas, gyms, carvery diners and more to the mix, as the chain ironically tries to recreate the variety we used to once see on our high streets before Tesco nuked them from the safety of a brownfield site six miles out of town. [Guardian]