Xperia Z1 Leak-a-Thon Enters Week 29, Camera Lens and New Photos Appear (Update: Video)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yet more imagery has appeared claiming to show details of Sony's forthcoming new flagship smartphone, with Sony itself issuing a nice detailed photo of the phone's backside image sensor, and additional photographs of the whole thing also coming to light.

Sony's official shot (right) shows the "G Lens" in detail, a feature we've previously seen mentioned in leaked spec sheets for the phone. It apparently covers a 20.7-megapixel sensor, something Sony's rightly more than a bit proud of. Meanwhile, Chinese forum Digi-Wo managed to find some live photos of the device being handled, which make it look rather large and not inconsiderably chunky.

This amazingly tedious waterboarding-like series of leaks will hopefully come to an end on September 4th, when Sony should reveal the phone that might be called the Xperia Z1 or something along those lines at the IFA tech show. Then we can all move on to analysing the bezel of the next next big thing in endless detail. [Sony, Slashgear]

Update: Sony's left nothing up to the imagination in its new teaser video. What happened to the art of surprise?