Yep, the New Mac Pro Is Going to Be Screaming

By Sam Gibbs on at

A lot has been said about Apple and its Pro line of machines, and whether it doesn't really care about all the professionals that actually use them day-in, day-out. In fact, it's pretty obvious Apple's changing the definition of what "Pro" means for itself. Thankfully though, the guts inside the bin new Mac Pro are going to be scorchingly fast.

The guts geeks over at Tom's Hardware took a pre-production sample of the new 12-core Intel Xeon chip, which'll be featured at the heart of Apple's new beast, for a spin.

Even in its non-final state it smashed through the 30,000 point-barrier in GeekBench making it significantly faster than the previously leaked Mac Pro number. The interesting thing is the chip isn't two-times faster overall compared to the previous tower Mac Pro, as Apple claimed, but in some areas it certainly showed that level of performance. 3D modelling specifically got a boost, which will be music to the ears of Mac-using 3D pros the world over.

We'll have to wait and see how the whole box performs once it makes it into the real world, but things are looking up for all those who were worried the unusual Mac Pro design would reveal a more consumer-focussed "Pro" rather than a professional workhorse. [Tom's Hardware via 9to5Mac]