Yesterday's Twitter Dungeoncrawl: Dragons!

By Grant Howitt on at

Gimmicks like SPACE and HAUNTED HOUSES are all well and good, but we know where the real adventure is: a made-up past with dragons and goblins and wizards in. So this week, to celebrate a month of being allowed to do this, I took the brave dungeoneers on a daring quest UNDER DRAGON MOUNTAIN! Swords! Sorcery! Random capitalisation! It's ALL HERE.

And that's that! Dragons: weak versus chocolate. Who knew. I'm mainly in it for the love story between that dragonrider guy and the owlbear. That's a beautiful moment, right there.

Next week we dip our toe into the wonderful world of JAPANIMATION and undertake an ANIME DUNGEONCRAWL! Will it be set in the characters' new school? Will it be set in a giant robot? Will it be set in the ruins of Neo Tokyo? YES. ALL OF THE ABOVE. STRAP IN.

Image Credit: Mik is a creative designer, happy to take on design work for any worthwhile or charitable causes.