You Can Now Send Voice Messages With WhatsApp

By Sam Gibbs on at

The ever-growing instant phone-messaging juggernaut that is WhatsApp, has just smashed another nail into the coffins of network phone plans. You can now send unlimited-length voice messages to each other just like a digital walkie-talkie. It looks pretty slick too.

Whatever platform you've got WhatsApp installed on, you can record and send voice messages, which means anyone using Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry -- all bases covered, then.

You simply hold the button; speak into your device, and release again to send. Recording volume should automatically adjust to get the best out of your blip, while at the other end you can listen to it out load or privately, just by putting the phone to your face.

Now, it's not quite a phone call, but it's better in my opinion. Small push-to-talk messages fired to your contacts sounds like the best of both worlds. I genuinely can't see a reason you need any calling minutes or texts on your phone plan anymore. With this and Skype, you've got pretty much everyone covered. The networks should be quaking in their dumb data-pipe-only boots. [WhatsApp]