You Should Be Able to Trade In Any Old USB Charger For an Apple One

By Sam Gibbs on at

After all the reports of people seemingly being electrocuted by fake Apple chargers, Tim Cook and crew have decided to start operating a charger amnesty. Bring in any old USB charger with your iPhone, iPad or iPod and Apple'll sell you a shiny-white Apple one, for £6.50.

It might not sound like a bargain, but considering your standard Apple 5W or 12W charger will set you back £15 normally, it sounds like a deal to me. It's been confirmed to be operational from August 16th in the US, but Apple's note on the matter seems to suggest it'll operate worldwide.

All you have to do is grab that dodgy cheapo one you've got laying about and head down your local Apple store with your iDevice of choice. That proper 12W charger could come in handy for all your other power-hungry devices. [Apple via 9to5Mac]