You'll Be Able to Smoke Pot in GTA V, Apparently

By Sam Gibbs on at

Fancy taking a quick toke while you're blazing around the streets of Los Santos? Chill out before your next big mission, or after squishing one too many pedestrians? You're in luck, because according to the European games rating board, players within GTA V will be free to light up and blow their troubles away.

It also looks like GTA's drink driving will be back, although that's got to be bad for trying to stay alive while the cops are chasing you down like America's Most Wanted. Anyone reading the ESRB's rating might be horrified about the flagrant disregard for driving law, but let's put this all into perspective: You can steal cars, perform drive-bys, and run people over with gay abandon. What's the harm of a little in-game pot smoking to smooth things out a little? I can't wait. [ESRB via Kotaku]