You'll Be Able to Upgrade From PS3 Games to PS4 Games For Just £10

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sony announced yesterday that it'll be running an upgrade scheme that lets you buy and play games on your PS3, and then get a 'heavily discounted' upgrade to the PS4 version at a later date. It turns out that means just £10 will see you upgraded, at least as far as Call of Duty: Ghosts is concerned.

Four games will be included in the deal from the off, with the aforementioned COD plus Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Battlefield 4 wrapped in the deal. Activision has come out and said that not only can upgrade PS3 versions of COD: Ghosts, but Xbox 360 versions of the game too, with Amazon and others on-board.

I'm still not sure it's not just worth waiting for your new and shiny next-gen console to arrive before buying the games, but if you're desperate to get your hands on them, at least you won't have to pay the full sticker price twice. [CVG 1, 2]