£17k Next-Gen Speed Camera to Make Driving Anywhere Even Less Fun

By Gary Cutlack on at

The new ZenGrab LaneWatch Mk2 is a piece of technology we don't ever want to test out, as it's the latest in speed camera kit designed to make it even easier to catch motorists breaking the rules and bill them for their crimes.

The new camera has dual lenses and night vision, plus as well as monitoring driver speeds it's also configured to automatically police the use of bus lanes, junctions and people generally being naughty while out there on the road.

The machine's already been in action in a couple of spots in London's Westminster district, with chilling data from the trial showing it registered 1,000 offences in just four weeks -- a massive increase from the 271 offenders caught by the older Gatso models installed in the same spots over the course of the previous year. [Carsite]

Image credit: Zenco


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