3D Printing Can Now Be Used to Forge Art

By Chris Mills on at

In a move that's liable to have art critics worldwide anxiously readjusting their bowties, a researcher has built a system that can make accurate forgeries copies of large-scale paintings. This should make the next Da Vinci Code more interesting.

The system, developed by Tim Zaman, a Dutch researcher, uses an Oce 3D printer an a 3D scanning technique to make 600dpi copies of masterpieces -- copies that replicate everything, down to the original brushstrokes. Just like other 3D printers, the Oce machine works by building up thousands of miniscule layers, although this one manages to add the texture and colouring needed to make an accurate replica.

Although Zaman hasn't brought up the topic of commercialisation yet, this is possibly the ultimate proof that unique physical property is being eroded by technology. Or that people have too much spare time on their hands. [Tim Zaman via Engadget]