£400-a-Night 'Drunk Tanks' to Save High Street From Booze Armageddon?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Binge-drinking youths might soon find themselves locked up in a modern version of the drunk tank, with police chiefs pushing plans to bung drunks into special holding cells to vomit and wee over themselves while sobering up. Then charging them up to £400 for their stay.

The plan comes from police chiefs, who suggest that privately-run drunk hotels might be a good way to clean the troublesome masses off the streets without having to stick them in hospitals, drive them home or burden the police with the hassle of processing the swathes of boozers that wobble around with kebabs at 2:30am most nights of the week.

Adrian Lee, from the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: "I do not see why the police service or the health service should pick up the duty of care for someone who has chosen to go out and get so drunk that they cannot look after themselves," adding: "So why don’t we take them to a drunk cell owned by a commercial company and get the commercial company to look after them during the night until they are sober?"

The idea being that the next day, when the victim is calm and hopefully a bit more polite and regretful and has found his or her wallet, police can charge them a fixed penalty and the drunk hotel gets to hand them an enormous bill for their stay. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Drunks from Shutterstock