999 Emergency Response Driver Sacked for Getting There Too Quickly

By Gary Cutlack on at

Godfrey Smith's job used to be that of a "first responder" emergency services driver, tasked with attending call-outs when people dial 999 in need of help. But he's not any more, after being sacked for doing 33mph in a 20mph zone while on his way to help a man who'd collapsed.

A complaint was made that he'd driven the wrong way around a bollard to escape backed up traffic, which alerted his bosses to the fact he'd also been speeding. He claims his satnav was telling him the road was in a 30mph zone, and that when it came to the bollard-swerve: "If I thought it was dangerous, I wouldn't have done it."

Despite driving fluorescent Land Rovers with flashing lights on them and everything, first responders aren't allowed to break the speed limit while on their way to calls, unlike Ambulance drivers who are allowed to floor it whenever they want. So he's unlikely to win his job back regardless of how much public outrage it triggers.

Smith said: "I am gobsmacked. It feels like they ripped my soul out. There was no thanks whatsoever for my 15 years of service." [Metro]