Ad Standards Rules Fairy Liquid *Does* Last Twice as Long as Other Brands

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of our longest-running advertising slogans was put in the spotlight recently, thanks to corporate giants Unilever and Procter & Gamble battling over claims regarding the popular soapy liquid's endurance.

And yes, according to the Advertising Standards Authority, Procter & Gamble can continue to suggest that Fairy Liquid lasts twice as long as its next-best-selling rival. There's method backing up the claims, too. P&G provided the advertising watchdog with its test data, saying it used the "Build Up Suds (BUS) test method" to replicate how people do the washing up at home, comparing it with the raw suds data of rival brand Persil.

The ASA even asked an "expert" in the field of suds performance to verify the test results, reporting that: "The expert considered the test reflected the practices of consumers and demonstrated that Fairy lasted at least twice as long as Persil."

So there's a fact for you to post on internet forums when people start arguing about which brand of washing up liquid is better. [ASA via Which?]