Alleged KitKat 4.4 Images Show Flattened 2D-Style Android

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some images of what's alleged to be Android 4.4 appeared over the weekend, with screen captures of a phone supposedly running the new KitKat release giving us a look at what may be Google's ever-so-slightly redesigned new mobile OS.

The most obvious change of all is visible in the stock Android floating dock icons, which have lost their detail and shadowing and are now presented as simpler flat  2D options, in keeping with everyone's favourite new design approach. It's sad to see the smiley face SMS icon disappear, replaced by a boring representation of some text.

The images also show a completely reworked stock Android dialler, which flips the colours of the holo theme and presents it in a striking blue and white. That said, the 2D icons don't appear particularly attractive or polished in this current form, so we wouldn't be surprised if this was a semi-pro piece of fakery. [TechnoBuffalo]