Amazon UK Breaks Global GTA V Embargo and Ships Some Copies Early

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon has decided that what it really needs is more enemies in the retail world, managing to infuriate the nation's game shops by sending out some of its copies of GTA V early. Some gamers got their Amazon pre-orders on Saturday, three days before the game's official launch.

Which is a bit of a kick in the nuts for the independent retailers, who were warned by Rockstar to make sure no copies went out early. Amazon's shady move means that in three, four or five years' time, when the next GTA hits, people will probably remember this weekend and place their orders with Amazon, in case it pulls the same trick again.

However, some indie shops are turning this leakage to their advantage, with the likes of CEX already accepting GTA V trade-ins and selling the disc on for £70 to those who need it now. [MCV]