Apple Kicks Off Recycling Scheme Just In Time to Trade In Those Old iPhones

By Kat Hannaford on at

Rather than flog them on eBay or use a potentially-dodgy third-party recycling site, it might make more sense to take advantage of Apple's new Reuse and Recycling Programme, which has just landed in the UK after a successful run in the US.

It's an easy concept: Trade in your Apple gadgets (whether they're old, or for whatever reason, unwanted) for a new Apple model, by popping the necessary details about your iDevice into Apple's site, and if you're happy with their estimate of how much moolah your device is worth, you then wait for a pre-paid shipping label, and send it off. Once received, money will suddenly appear like magic in your bank account. But if your Apple device isn't deemed worthy of being traded-in, Apple will recommend how to recycle it responsibly.

You know, so you don't make the mistake of lugging it to a charity shop, only to be turned away.

Prices seem reasonable; typing in the details for an undamaged 64GB iPhone 5 popped up with a trade-in price of £320. Tesco's recycling scheme, meanwhile, is only offering £173. Anyone found any better prices? Not that I'm looking to sell my (pristine condition, boxed) iPhone 5 on the eve of the iPhone 5S announcement... [Apple]

Image Credit: iDownloadblog