Apple's Auto-Correct Team Still Terrorised by The Simpsons' Auto-Correct Parody 20 Years Later

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 1994 episode of The Simpsons which laughed at Apple's early attempts at auto-correction spurred on the team to (try to) make a better job of it, with the term 'Eat Up Martha' becoming something of a regular catchphrase during the development of the iOS keyboard.

Nitin Ganatra, the former director of engineering for iOS applications at Apple, told Fast Company how The Simpsons' parody of the Apple Newton haunted the team, saying: "One of the characters picked up a Newton and writes, 'Beat Up Martin,' and it was translated as, 'Eat Up Martha'. In the hallways [at Apple] and while we were talking about the keyboard, you would always hear the words 'Eat Up Martha'. If you heard people talking and they used the words 'Eat Up Martha,' it was basically a reference to the fact that we needed to nail the keyboard."

Although, given that one of the most successful sites on the internet today is Damn You, Autocorrect, where people laugh about exactly that same sort of thing happening literally all of the time nearly 20 years later, there's clearly still some way to go before predictive keyboards... work. [Fast Company via AV Club]


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