Apple's New A7: Apple's First 64-Bit Is 40 Per Cent Faster

By Mario Aguilar on at

During today's iPhone keynote, Apple announced the new A7 chip, featuring supercharged graphics powers that make the powerful features of iOS 7 possible. Let's take a look under the glass at the speedy monster that makes the magic possible.


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The new A7 is Apple's first 64-bit system-on-chip, which the company quickly clarified, means that apps in iOS 7 will also be 64-bit. The chip features graphics that are 56-times faster than those on the original iPhone. It also enables up to 40-times faster CPU performance than the original iPhone, and half of that improvement comes in the current generation. How far we've come!

And here's an impressive-sounding stat: the chip features over 1 billion transistors, which are about the same size as those on the A6.



Working alongside the A7, the M7 is what Apple calls a "motion co-processor." Essentially, it's job is just to deal with data coming from sensors without actually activating the full power of the A7, to save battery. This makes a whole bunch of new fitness tracker capabilities possible because the iPhone 5S can collect a bunch of data without having to be ON on.

The M7 also comes with its own API, meaning that developers will be able to leverage all that new half-asleep power in whatever ways they see fit. Nike+ Move, for instance, uses the M7 and GPS to track your activities throughout the day, in a fitnessy-tracker way.

In the end, the M7 means that the iPhone 5S can get a lot more data all the time, while still delivering battery life on par with the 5. That's 10 hours 3G talk, 10 hours wifi browsing, 40 hours of music, 250 hours of standby, according to Apple.

Image Credit: The Verge