Arcade Fire Pulls the Bizarre Interactive Chrome Video Stunt Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

This image is taken from an arty internet thing called Just a Reflektor, a new, animated browser film experiment from the Arcade Fire people, produced by web video tech specialist Vincent Morisset.

Tagged as being a Google Chrome experiment, the experience wants users to control the video by using a webcam, or, if you still refuse to video chat there's the option to wave your mouse around instead or use a tablet's accelerometer. The end result is a sort of weird blurry mess of dancers you make weirder and blurrier by waving your stuff around. It's not quite as good at the other one they did.

Still, it's all open source, so you could easily hack your own version together by downloading all the required stuff and providing your own crazy dancing videos. [Just a Reflektor via NME]