As Siri Exits Beta For iOS 7, We've Got to Ask: Who Actually Uses It?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant that every tech company copied but no one seems to ever use, is now no longer a beta product. All references to "beta" status have disappeared from Apple's Siri pages. It's finished. But is it any good?

While complaints about server lag when asking it questions and the tool's complete lack of offline functionality still remain, there's no doubt that Siri is better than it was when it launched under the "beta" tag in 2011. It supports more languages, has a more natural voice sound to it and seems to respond quicker to requests to read out data these days than it did in the launch period.

Better still, Siri in its iOS7 incarnation now uses Microsoft's Bing portal to deliver its search results, rather than that awful old Google thing it used to be bundled with. Who ever uses Google either, eh?

But does anyone use Siri? Will asking your phone a question in your finest American accent ever be deemed acceptable, or is it likely to become reliable enough that you won't try three times, fail, give up, then find what you were after manually? [9to5Mac]