BAE Prepares to Build Type 26 Combat Ship, First Wave of Suppliers Onboard

By Gary Cutlack on at

This dramatic embedded video is the latest design imagery for the Royal Navy's cutting-edge new Type 26 Global Combat Ship, the next-generation war-boat that's set to come into service early in the next decade. The critical Dover-Calais passenger sea ferry route will be safer than ever.

BAE Systems has released this video to celebrate the signing of the first design work contracts, which sees industry stalwarts Rolls-Royce, MTU, David Brown Gear Systems and Rohde & Schwarz joining up to develop the propulsion and communication elements of the new ship. Here's a newer, more detailed render of the thing:

Type 26 Global Combat Ship

BAE Systems, the Ministry of Defence and their industry partners currently have around 550 people working to spec-up the Type 26, ahead of manufacturing in 2016 and a launch some time after 2020. [YouTube]