BBC Teases the Double-D Delights of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two! Two Doctors! This is going to blow the minds of small children already struggling to grasp the concept of regeneration and whose dads haven't forced them to revisit the classics. It's the first official image released from the BBC's forthcoming 50th Anniversary special, called The Day Of The Doctor.

What's exciting fans is the inclusion of the Bad Wolf sign in this pic, the running theme from the first series of the modern reboot run. Given that Billie Piper also returns to reprise her Rose character in this one-off time-warp special, it's safe to say that Rose and David Tennant's Doctor will be reliving some of their more tedious are-they-aren't-they? romantic interludes.

The BBC's also planning stacks more Doctor Who content to coincide with the 50th anniversary. BBC Four will screen a restored version of Doctor One William Hartnell's initial four-episode story, while The Culture Show will explore the "cultural significance" of the programme and Blue Peter will run a contest to let kids design a gadget that'll get made and feature in a future episode.

The 75-minute special episode airs on November 23rd. Maybe we'll find out what's happened to David Tennant's hair. [BBC]