Billion-Dollar Smash GTA V Also Wants Real Cash to Burn Online

By Gary Cutlack on at

The online part of GTA V is set to launch on October 1st, when all the fun people are having will be opened up for full internet multiplayer gaming. And you'll be able to "pay to win" by handing over real money to gather in-game cash at a greater rate.

As if raking in $1bn in three days wasn't enough money for everyone involved to retire happy,  Eurogamer has discovered how much players of GTA Online will be asked to pay in return for pretend dollars. Prices for in-game cash cards range from £1.99 to buy $100,000 of GTA Online dollars to £13.49 to get yourself $1.25m of instant spending power.

At least, those are the current asking prices and exchange rates in the current version of the online game that some players have early access to. The rates and prices may change, but the concept of paying real money to buy pretend money will remain a key part of GTA Online, as even the mightiest and richest publishers turn to the shameful in-game purchase to further fatten their wallets. [Eurogamer]