Britain's New Bank is Already Having IT Fails

By Chris Mills on at

You may have heard that some five million people who previously banked with Lloyd's have been forcibly transferred to a new spin-off, TSB. To ease the pain, customers were promised a 'seamless' transition -- which is funny, because on the very first morning, the bank's internet services were borked.

In a series of issues termed "intermittent problems" by TSB (or "crashing" by the BBC, and anyone who speaks English), customers have been allegedly unable to login to the internet banking service. This follows similar problems on the weekend, wrinkles which TSB promised had been 'ironed out'.


Understandably, that's led to a series of rather irate customers taking to Twitter to air their woes in public. It's unclear whether or not the problems have been sorted out (though Twitter would seem to indicate that they haven't), but either way, it's not a great start for a bank trying to make a clean break with the Libor scandal. [BBC]