British Game Developer of Dizzy Fame Goes Bust

By Gary Cutlack on at

Blitz Games, home of Dizzy creators the Oliver twins and one of the stalwarts of the UK development scene for the last 20 years, has called it a day. Around 125 jobs will go at the maker, as it closes the majority of its operations.

It's not all doom, though. The company claims two of its current titles are "self-sustaining financially," so around 50 jobs may be salvaged as management attempts to form a new, smaller company to keep the profitable bits alive. Also, fellow UK developer Rebellion is actively looking to recruit axed Blitz staff. Which is nice.

That said, much of Blitz's output of recent years has been a bit half-arsed, with the developer mostly concentrating on generic licensed products and making a rather poorly-received attempt at resurrecting Dizzy on Kickstarter that flopped spectacularly.

Soon all we'll have left is that gang up in Edinburgh. [Blitz]