CARROT Wakes You Up With Empty Threats...And Some Real Ones

By Lily Newman on at

Getting out of bed is the worst. And anyone who says they don't mind waking up can just leave now. Some of us are employing desperate measures to get going every morning, and a manipulative/verbally abusive alarm clock sounds like just the thing. The makers of the CARROT To-Do list wanted to bring their motivational snark to a particularly rough time of day and they certainly found it.

CARROT is a "sentient" alarm clock. She plays aggressively chipper music to wake you up, makes you perform tasks with your phone so you actually have to focus, and keeps track of points. You can't win a more pleasant wakeup experience, but you can use them to unlock better alarm tones and routines. Eventually you can even use points to get CARROT to recite bedtime stories to you. Which sounds pretty dreadful. But, points!

CARROT Alarm Clock syncs with CARROT To-Do, and to multiple iDevices over iCloud. It's £1.49 and it could be worth the money unless you proceed to lose hundreds of pounds smashing your iPhone against a wall in a morning rage. [App Store]