Critic to Interview Couples After Bonking in Plastic "Sex Box" on TV

By Gary Cutlack on at

Presenter and critic Mariella Frostrup is gearing up for one of the oddest jobs on TV, thanks to Channel 4 signing her up to interview couples literally seconds after they've finished having sex for a television show.

There won't be any actual sex shown during the programme, mind. The three couples of different ages and sexual persuasions with have it off with each other in a soundproofed box, then, when one or both of them has finished to some degree of satisfaction, Mariella will be on hand to (a) hand them some tissues or a sock to clean up with and (b) ask them questions about the experience along with a panel of experts.

The show will feature as part of Channel 4's Campaign For Real Sex season, a strand of shows designed to examine how today's omnipresent pornography has changed our attitudes to doing it. It'll be broadcast on October 7th. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Couple in bed from Shutterstock