Cyber-Thieves Use a £10 Device to Almost Steal Millions From a Bank

By Chris Mills on at

Normally, when you think cyber-bank-robbery, you think slightly nerdy guys holed up in a basement somewhere, with random wires coming out of every orifice and some guy in the background twittering about hacking the mainframe. But in this instance, simply installing a cheapo bit of hardware nearly netted theives millions from Santander.

The super-simple plan revolved around installing a iKVM (internet-connected keyboard, video and mouse splitter), a device that allows a user to remotely control -- and, crucially remotely monitor -- a computer's video inputs, and the keyboard and mouse. The device was successfully installed into a teller's computer at a Santander branch in Surrey Quays by a man posing as a maintenance engineer.

Once the device had been installed, the plan was presumably to transfer millions into someone's account. Thankfully, the police busted the gang before they could put their plan into operation.

In total, twelve men were arrested on conspiracy to steal; however, police say that no money was ever in danger. Whatever you say, guys. [Guardian]

Image credit: Hacking from Shutterstock