Daft Punk's Patchy Pop Comeback Fuels Vinyl Revival

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amateur DJs wishing to drop Daft Punk album tracks in their wedding party set lists have boosted sales of vinyl at Amazon, with the online retailer selling the highest number of 12-inch records this year than at any point since its foundation in 1999.

The stats show that unit sales of vinyl through Amazon UK have already more than doubled the number of black plastic albums sold last year, thanks mainly to the French duo's bizarre disco pop release. Amazon UK also says running annual sales of all vinyl are up an amazing 745 per cent since 2008, as more return to the format (and record companies get better at marketing them as desirable collector pieces), plus its Auto-rip tool means buyers get a handy digital copy alongside them too.

The rest of Amazon's 2013 vinyl hit parade is made up of releases and reissues from the likes of David Bowie, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, so it's still mainly a nerdy audio enthusiast thing rather than any sort of massive comeback for the analogue plastic disc format. [Readwrite]