Do You Ever Have Much Luck With Train Wi-Fi?

By Kat Hannaford on at

It's got to the point where I don't even attempt to connect to a train's Wi-Fi network, such is my boiling rage when it doesn't connect / takes hours to load a single webpage. I'd rather remain disconnected for my journey, than have a tantalising-yet-infuriating sniff of a connection. But do you have more luck? And if so, give us your trainspotter stats below, please...

Today's chatroom comes after a Labour MP made some comments the other day that "in the 21st century when people are trying to work on the train, part of the service that they get from the train company ought to be free Wi-Fi and not just in first class." Something I'm sure 100 per cent of us would endorse, but I'm not sure about those rail companies...

Labour Party MP for Garston and Halewood, Maria Eagle, also added that offering free Wi-Fi services should be written into rail companies' contracts in the future, given it's a "necessity" more than a "luxury" in this day and age.

Travelling up to Liverpool this past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised Virgin's free Wi-Fi worked...for a few minutes, at least. Saying that, the only reason it was free was because I was travelling first class; standard class charges £4 for the first hour's usage. (Before you start raging at me for my bourgeoisie first class travel, it only cost £4 more than standard class...mind, I would've liked a free cup of tea with that, but oh well.)

So, tell me -- train Wi-Fi. Which rail network have you had luck with, and has it been free? Would you choose a rail company offering free Wi-Fi, over one which doesn't? And where can I find a bleedin' free cup of tea, eh?

Image Credit: train from Shutterstock