EA Shocks Gamers With "Free" Android and iOS FIFA 14

By Gary Cutlack on at

EA's annual FIFA mega-franchise has arrived on Android and iOS, with the publishing giant making the shock move of releasing this year's mobile version of FIFA 14 for free. We suspect there may just be one or two in-app purchases lurking inside it, though.

The game, which requires a massive 1.27GB additional data download to get it running on Android, does indeed only arrive with a handful of game modes available in this free-to-download incarnation, so you can at least try some of it from free and get an idea of how well it works on your hardware this year.

Unlocking everything requires players to hand over £4.50, which is a pretty reasonable price for one of the planet's most popular games. And it's picking up rave reviews on Google Play, currently sitting on a 4.5 user feedback score. At time of writing, it only appears to be live on the US iTunes servers, though. [Google Play, iTunes]