EasyJet Manager Threatens to Kick Man Off Flight for Slagging Airline on Twitter

By Gary Cutlack on at

An EasyJet employee has managed to heap shame upon the budget flier today, by threatening to have a man kicked off his flight because he dared to criticise the airline's policies on Twitter before departure.

The tweet in question was rather mundane, with student Mark Leiser saying: "Flight delayed 90min. Soldier going to miss last connection & @easyjet refusing to help pay for him to get to Portsmouth. Get right into em!"

After this impulsive attempt at online rabble-rousing and in what must've been quite a shocking moment for the traveller, he claimed that: "[A] Manager came down to inquire why I was tweeting about @easyJet," with another staff member asking to see the tweet before he was allowed to board his flight.

It would appear that everyone has subsequently lowered their personal DEFCON threat levels by a few points, as Leiser was allowed on his plane, and has said today that EasyJet has made contact outside of the Twitter channels to try to sort things out amicably.

A £10 voucher might be winging his way. Result. [ComputerWorld]