EE's Six-Month Smartphone "Swap" 4G Upgrade Deal...Isn't That Much of a Deal

By Gary Cutlack on at

EE and its T-Mobile/Orange buddies are now offering smartphone nuts an easy way to upgrade to the newest phone through a plan it calls 'Swap', letting you buy a new 4G model for a one-off fee as soon as six months into a contract.

Options are a little limited, though. Contract holders will first need to own either an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4, Galaxy Note II or HTC One. Then, for a fee that's dependent on how much you're paying each month for your plan, the phone can be swapped for a new 4G phone.

Swap prices start at £49 if you're on an insane £51-a-month contract, rising to a £249 fee for people on £36 a month plans. The EE swap shop goes live on September 17th, presumably timed to coincide with when EE's getting the bulk of its new iPhones...but we can't help but think you might be better off just flogging your old handset and buying a new one yourself. O2's Refresh looks like a decidedly better offering. Sorry, EE! [EE]