Facebook Is Finally Letting You Edit Your Posts

By Ashley Feinberg on at

In a long overdue move, Facebook is finally allowing users to edit their posts after they've already posted them. For now, the update has only appeared on Android and (presumably) some web users—but an iOS version can't be too far behind.

Facebook has already allowed comment editing for over a year, but actual posts editing had been conspicuously absent, forcing users to delete and repost anything that needed fixing. Now that it's here though (and just like with comments) your friends will be able to see a history of every single time you've made an edit. So covert copyediting is out of the question.

The update is available on Android now, even though Google Play has yet to show an updated changelog. As with every new Facebook feature, the web rollout will probably happen slowly—if it's anything like Timeline, very slowly. And iPhone users, you'll get yours "soon." Whatever that means. [The Next Web]