Fancy a Spot of Beer on Toast For Breakfast?

By Sam Gibbs on at

At what time does it become acceptable to crack open a beer? 12? 5pm? Well now you can enjoy beer at 8am in the mornings, thanks to the Italians. Meet the astoundingly good-sounding, spreadable beer. It's like marmalade only booze-flavoured.

The jelly-like substance, called Birra Spalmabile, comes in two varieties, a dark ale or Greta blonde ale -- one is a more delicate hint of beer and the other is a full-blooded aroma-packed beast.

Created by the union of chocolatier Napoleone and brewer Alta Quota in central Italy, the jellied beer marks the first successful attempt to make a solid beer, after apparently many people have tried and failed.

The Nutella for the beer-addicted can even be bought right now in the UK for just eight of your English pounds in good old Selfridges. Screw peanut butter, jam or marmalade, I know what I'm going to be having for breakfast on Monday. [The Register]