Go Download iOS 7 Right Now

By Robert Sorokanich on at

It's here, Apple users! The brand-new iOS 7 has officially been released in the wild. Backup all your stuff, then go download it right now.

As always, the new iOS is available as an over-the-air update or a direct download from iTunes. With new features like AirDrop file sharing, iTunes Radio, and one-swipe access to the Control Center — and that flat, pastel-hued design and slightly-disconcerting parallax effect that got everyone talking in the first place — iOS 7 will bring some big changes to your iDevice.

Of course, the full feature set was designed to run on 5-series iPhones, so some iOS 7 items won't be available on older iPhones and iPads — check here for a full rundown. But if you've got an iPhone 4, 4S or 5, a 2nd-generation or later iPad, or a fifth-generation iPod Touch, you can jump on the iOS 7 train right now.