Google UK in Alleged Tax Shenanigans Again With Lowly £12m Payment for 2012

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google UK might be about to cause more controversy for itself over its latest tax declarations, which show it paid just £11.6m in corporation tax last year despite declared UK earnings of £506m -- and unofficial sales estimates claiming it may have raked in over £3bn here.

The search giant which has managed to become an important part of everyone's brains over the past 15 years, says its only made a profit of £36.8million during 2012 from us lot in the UK accidentally clicking on adverts. The fact that Google appears to shuffle UK earnings through Ireland to pay lower corporate tax rates is a key issue that's led to parliament accusing Google and other tax-shy multinationals of literally lying about their business practises.

Google is already on the defensive about these new numbers, using the old "But we're American" excuse, saying: "Like most multinationals, we pay the bulk of our £1.2bn corporate tax bill where our business originated, in our case the US." [Sky News]