Here's the Entire GTA V World Map, and It's a Whopper

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's an overview of the alternative world we'll all be hiding and living in over the next few months; the full GTA V location map. There's a city bit. A grassy bit. Lakes. Air strips. Windy roads. Motorways. Mountains. Everything. All life is there.

There's no actual source for the image which just popped up on Reddit without explanation, although the way it appears to be an annotated magazine page suggests its from a play guide. Because plenty of people have been playing the new GTA already, albeit under legal death threat not to talk about it.

Here it is so you can click on it and have a nose:

And almost as if to prove its authenticity, GTA developer Rockstar has asked one site that hosted it to remove it. Although it's still up on Reddit because Reddit yields to no man. [TSA via PSU -- Thanks, Shallow Depression!]