Hide Your Beer Bottle From the Man With This Clever Water Bottle

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Are you tired of being told when and where you can and cannot drink? Taking advantage of the fact that everyone carries around reusable water bottles these days, the BottleCamo blends right in. But instead of filling it with water, you unscrew the bottle, stash some booze inside, and don't let any silly laws prevent you from downing a cold one when you want to.

The stainless steel BottleCamo is lined with a quarter inch layer of neoprene, which its creators claim makes it about 40 percent more efficient at keeping a bottle cool compared to a standard beer koozie. It also make the BottleCamo a great shock absorber, preventing its contents from shattering if dropped. At £10 for a pre order it is hard to pay for a drinking accessory that's usually given out free as a promotional item, until you factor in the money saved from being able to sneak it into a gig. [BottleCamo via Thrillist]